Wednesday, December 26, 2012

After Chirstmas Sales that Benefit Crafters!

It's that time of year, Christmas is over and everything is discounted!! That's great for stocking up on new decorations for the next year but it can also benefit us crafters!

If you're out and about, take a look around. There are so many things we can create with this decor. Ornament are one of them.

I love to go out and purchase ornaments, and I try to keep them unrelated to Christmas. This is perfect for making refrigerator magnets!! And here's how...

Magnets (any kind will work but make sure your using an appropriate size for the ornament you're using.)
Hot glue gun (other glues can be used but I prefer the glue gun.)
Hot glue sticks

Prep your area.
(If you want to protect your surface you're working on, place card board or newspapers down.)

1) Heat your glue gun with glue in it.
2) Remove any straps or hooks that make it an ornament. (I left my hook on. I was afraid to crack the ornament and its so small, I'm not concerned with removing it.)
3) When the glue gun is ready, glue a magnet on the back side of the ornament.
4) Set aside until its cool.

That's is! Simple, fun and makes for unique magnets!

The one I used is from my sister. We both love owls and while we were out shopping, we found these. We decided to buy one for each other! I really didn't want to put it away with the rest of the Christmas things, and instead keep it out all year round. This is the perfect way!

~ Crystal

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