Friday, June 29, 2012

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          July 1st

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            American Independence Day

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                                          July 10th

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            Second Sunday in July.

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              July 17th

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                  July 24th

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                  July 25th

                  Threading the Needle Day

                  July 26th

                  Aunt and Uncle Day

                  Bert's Birthday
                  Sesame Street Character

                  July 27th
                    Bugs Bunny's Birthday

                                                    July 28th
                                           First Fingerprint Taken

                    July 29th

                    National Lasagna Day

                    July 30th

                    National Cheesecake Day

                    July 31st
                      First US Patent Issued

                          Monday, June 25, 2012

                          A Year of Scrapbooking! 'Pictures' Part: 2 of 5 of the Scrap-A-Long

                          Welcome back to my venture of creation my youngest son's first year scrapbook!!

                          I hope many of you are getting your own ideas and would love for you to share your work in progress. At the bottom of the post you will find the group linky party to share your progress along with a linky button to share on your page as well.

                          So my first post explained what my yearbook was and what was to be done yet. If you happened to miss it, you can find 'Part 1' here.

                          This week is all about picking out the pictures to the scrapbook. This is a very fun part and takes a while depending on how long you 'reminisce' while looking at the photos. For me, I tend to look at every single one and then my oldest son comes to join me so we do quite a bit of talking while looking.

                          I have all my pictures saved on CDs or flash drives so for most of this part, I do my work on the computer. Firstly, I make a new folder on my desktop and label it 'yearbook.' In that, I make a folder for each month. Then, working threw my picture files month by month, I copy my top favorites and paste them into the folder in their corresponding months. I don't keep track of how many I add until I go back threw them after getting several for each month. I do try to get at least 10 pictures though.

                          After all my pictures I got threw and weed out the ones that I don't really need. I either have nine or twelve pictures per right page, plus the main picture on the left page.
                          I title the main picture as well.

                          I have a very handy personal picture printer. Granted, the quality isn't as good as I could get ordering them, but I can have prints within two minutes and have the option of printing the size of picture I need. The photos to the left are approximately 3"x2". Though some of them I will cut to fit as I want them too. I also have to print the pictures four times since I give a book to each set of grandparents.
                          With all the pictures printed and cut, I now can start working on the third step... paper!! Over the next two weeks, I will go threw my paper and find sheets that I think I will use and get some sort of visual as to how I want the pages to look. I match my 'title' picture to the paper only. The smaller pictures have no background.

                          Again, feel free to post your projects by following the link below! We would love to see them!
                          Until next craft...


                          <a href="" target="_blank"><img src=""" alt="YourSiteTitle" width="125" height="125" /></a>


                          Thursday, June 21, 2012

                          Crafting Studio Remodel

                          My Newly Remodeled Craft/Sewing Studio

                          So I love that my husband loves to build things with wood. What this means for me is custom closet organizers, shelves and a new crafting studio. He knows that my world revolves around my family and crafting. We recently needed to expand a bit because it felt like all my stuff was just shoved into drawers and was never seen or forgotten about. I am a very visual person. So this is actually what we started out with.

                          Then the other night I was going through Pinterest and showed my husband a couple of ideas that I would like.

                          Within a couple hours he turned it into this. At first I was like I liked the dark wood better. He told me to wait till it was done being painted.  
                          We painted it with white paint. He kept saying trust me it will make everything look a lot more open when it's done (again going back to I am a visual person). I just kept looking at him, however I was loving the new deeper shelves.

                          After we were done painting and putting the second coat of paint on to make sure their were no bare spots. I  just hated the wood edges. Unless wood has a lacquer finish, I really don't like to touch it. This meant that the shelves now had to be laid with fabric and the wood edges had to be embellished.

                          I picked a slightly darker fabric to offset the white. I love lots of color so I was desperately looking for color, and still keeping in mind that people will see this space so I didn't want to go over board and make it pink. In the tutorial that I posted Yesterday on my other blog Smalltown Dreamz I went over the process on how I embellished the wood edges.

                          I was very lucky to have been given some ribbon by my Husbands Grandmother that actually went perfect
                           with the fabric and the look I was looking for. I think the ruffled edges give it a nice touch. I also added some buttons as an extra embellishment. Buttons are one of my favorite things. I have a small collection, at least in my eyes it is a small collection.

                          My husband also had built me this rack shelf which is able to store all my beads, buttons, and other small embellishments. I love jars and bottles to store all my stuff in and this shelf came in  handy to hold all those things.

                          This new area also gave me a place to store all my yarn and make it easily accessible to see what colors I have and roughly about how much I have left of what colors. This is still a work in progress, so that is why it is still a mess. I have another whole container of yarn to add to this so I am hoping there will be enough room.

                          I was so excited to get all my fabric on to 2 shelves with more than enough room to spare on both. I have been slowly adding to my fabric stash. I always try to get a good deal when I can. My last great fabric deal was my National Monument Panel which cost 79 cents.

                          It is so nice to have an area to sew on and then a big table to do all my cutting and other projects. That way I don't have to worry about picking up and moving my sewing machine all the time.I think the best part for me was being able to get all my supplies out in the open like my glue, glitter, markers, embossing powders, etc.........

                          We also had picked up this cute little white shelf and it works perfect to hold all my paper and containers for my foam pieces.

                          We are currently working on the new ribbon system for my area since I have accumulated 4 times more ribbon. This will be presented in another DIY Tutorial hopefully next week. I can't wait to start working in my new area. Today I put all my crystals that I have collected in the window so when I am working during the day the sun can shine in and reflect rainbows all over my studio. That always brings a smile to my face. I look forward to a fun and creative year.

                          We always love to hear from our readers. If you could do anything to your crafting area what would you do?  What secrets do you have at organizing all your crafting material.

                          Happy Crafting

                          Wednesday, June 20, 2012

                          Drawing with Light!

                          I love crocheting and I love photography!! I love to mix the two of them, mostly to crochet photography props but this weekend I got to mix the two completely differently!!

                          A Bit of History
                          My family and I love to go to the family cabin several times a year. Its a great way for us to get away and enjoy something that we don't do on a daily basis. We spend most of our time outside around a fire, day and night. Night time, s'mores are a great treat that all of us look forward too! While having s'mores one night, I decided to get a picture of my son who was covered in chocolate by the end of our little treat!!

                          With the camera already out and my crochet hooks and yarn readily available, I decided to try something that I read about but always wanted to try!

                          Drawing with Light
                          If you own a SLR camera (not a point and shoot,) you have the option of changing the shutter speed. I changes mine to take a picture for 14 seconds and brought out my light up crochet hooks. With my remote for my camera in hand, I stood in front with my lit up hooks. 

                          The second I clicked the remote button for the camera to take the picture, I started swirling the hooks.....
                          This isn't my first picture, the first one I didn't have center enough.

                          My husband got involved after seeing my first picture and my son was very eager to do it as well!!
                          This is my son on the left, me on the right.

                          This is a great technique to do with sparklers, and what I wanted to do originally but with none around, my hooks were the next best thing!!

                          ***Readers Challenge***

                          If you have a SLR or know someone who does, this is a fun and creative thing to do!! There are endless possibilities as to what can be done! We'd love to see your results!! Upload your photo from now until midnight on 6/24/12 in to the Linky Gallery below. We will pick our favorites and feature them on next Wednesday's post.

                          Until next craft...

                          Sunday, June 17, 2012

                          Framed Hand Print

                          Happy Father's Day!

                          Have you ever been working on something for a gift for someone and at the very end it did not turn out the way you had wanted and you are literally down to the day of. Well that happened to me last night. My little guy and I had been working on a project for my Husband for Father's Day and it just didn't turn out. Jesse was so bummed. He really wanted to give his dad multiple gifts this year since he had done most of the work.

                          Quick on my feet I looked around at what my husband calls "my personal craft store" to see what else we could quickly whip up. I had spied a box of picture frames that I have set aside for gifts and projects. All the sudden a little light bulb went off in my head.

                          Since we already had the paint out from painting our clay imprints I had my Brother (who was visiting) take Jesse's hand and paint it black while I took the opportunity for a photo op.  We had picked out a frame and I took his hand and pressed his hand print on the back of the cleaned glass. (The reason you put it on the back of the glass is so that it doesn't get scratched or rubbed off. Also it will have a nice glassy finish without having to add your own enamel or gloss.) After we pressed his hand on the glass we quickly went and washed the paint off his hand and let the glass dry. The rest of the project was on me.

                          I paged through my book of quotes that I have been collecting, picked out the perfect one and hopped onto the computer. I set up the text the way I wanted it printing it in a light color that was easy to color over. After I printed it out I took my metallic markers and traced over all lettering. I chose certain words to decorate a little differently with different font type and color. I printed it on 8x11 glossy photo paper trimmed it to size and placed it behind the hand print and securing it in with the frame backing.

                          If you are one of those people that have awesome penmanship you could probably skip the whole process of laying out your text on the computer and printing it out. The whole process for me took 25-30 min. Now that it's finished I think this is a better gift than the original.

                          We always love to hear from our readers. Have you ever had a last minute gift to make.

                          Happy Crafting!