Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sunday Craft Day (part 2)

If you are just tuning in last week we had started our first kid group project with our kids. We got together and our 2 boys had cut out their ghost and bats out of the Crayola Air-Dry Clay and some Halloween Cookie Cutters that I have. If you would like to read from the begining here is a link to the first post.

Sunday Craft Day (Part 1)

So this past Sunday we got together to do our family photos and let the kids paint their now dry clay Halloween cut outs. Both boys knew right away what colors they wanted. I have to admit they were pretty clean about their painting skills.

We used regular Folk Art Acrylic Paints to paint the clay projects. For the bats both boys used black and some neon green for the eyes. Then for the ghost we used white mixed with some Folk Art Metallic paint to give it a sort of shimmering luster. They finished the ghost by adding some black eyes and a black mouth.

  To keep the clay and paint from getting damaged I am going to spray them with a nice heavy coat of Folk Art High Gloss Glaze. This is another product that I love to use. It gives everything such a nice glossy finish.

The boys were very proud of how their Halloween projects turned out. I know us moms are excited to put them up for many years to come. I will post a finished photo as soon as I can get them sprayed and dried.

Stay tuned during Christmas when we bring the clay back out for another great holiday clay project for the kids.

Happy Crafting,
Stephanie & Crystal

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