Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall Glitter Fun

*Happy Halloween 2012*
 to all our readers!!!!

I wanted to share my latest fall decoration projects, just in time for some of  those last minute decoration ideas. This one is great for Halloween all the way to Thanksgiving!

One of my favorite things to use is glitter. Even at 30 I love things that glitter. Although when using it in most projects you usually have to use it sparingly, so not to make your project to over the top. Well if you love glitter as much as I do then I have an awesome project that will make your fall decorations just POP from a Glitter EXPLOSION!

So first I went to the local grocery store NOT with the intention on getting these cute little gourd pumpkins. However for $1.00 for 5 I couldn't pass it up. Now first let me tell you where I first saw this project. I don't mention her much mainly because I don't have any TV stations. (Yes we have a TV but we only have netflix)
So anyway I saw this project on Martha Stewart about 3-4 years ago. Ever since I have always wanted to do this, However I could never find orange glitter unless it was in a kit. So finally I splurged on a glitter kit that included the orange and black glitter that you see in the photos. 

For those of you that have not seen that episode of Martha Stewart or have not scene this technique before. I am going to run you through it. It is so easy and even the kids can do it. 

Supplies Needed:

-Little gourd pumpkins
-Tacky glue
- Paint brush
-Orange,Black, and/or White glitter
-Wax Paper
-Printer Paper (To catch the glitter on)
-Baby Food Jars (Something to place the pumpkins on to dry)

So first I pre-washed all the little pumpkins and towel dried them. the next thing I did was place a piece of wax paper on the table where I would be working. I also placed my paper to collect the glitter right next to my wax paper so that it was handy when I needed it. I also placed my baby food jars out and the lids so that I had a place to set the pumpkins when they were wet. 

Next you will brush your glue just the orange part of your pumpkin so that you can remain holding the stem without getting full of glue. I left a half dollar size clean on the center of the bottom so that when you place these down for decorations it will minimize on the amount of glitter than will be left behind when its time to put it all away. 

After the pumpkin is full of glue it is time to start pouring your glitter over all the parts that are covered in glue. You man need to set it down and turn it to get to all of it before the glue starts to dry. After you have covered your little pumpkin in glitter and had shaken the access glitter off over your glitter catch paper. You can then place your pumpkin on the rim of the lid or the glass and leave it to dry over night. 

Then take your glitter catch paper and pour the remaining back into your glitter jar. 

After you have done this for all your pumpkins just crunch up the wax paper and throw it away. wipe away any left over glitter that may have exploded onto the table and that's it. Now you will have some BEAUTIFUL fall decorations.


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