Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sunday Craft Day

This past Sunday, Crystal and I had our first group craft day. The kids got a play date while us moms went through our latest projects. We all need a day with our best crafting buddy. Crystal and I share many things that are alike to the point where some people think is freaky, we just think its fate. Anyways, our boys are a year apart to the day and get along GREAT!!!! During her little ones nap time I came up with a craft for the boys to do so they weren't tempted to wake the little one. I pulled out one of my sons favorite crafts, the Crayola Air Dry Clay and some of my Halloween cookie cutters.

We set up the table covering it with some garbage bags for easy clean up

Next the boys flattened out their clumps of clay. They had a blast hammering their tiny little hands on the clay. I wish one of us had a video but at least we have a camera HAHA.

Then the boys took the cookie cutters and pressed them into the clay.

Sometimes its a good idea to have an adult around to help take the clay out of the cookie cutter.

Then when all you are all finished you set them aside for a few days to let them dry completely.

After they are dry you can decorate them. We will be getting back together this weekend to finish up our projects so stay tuned next week to see how our little artists decorate their Halloween clay projects.

Happy Crafting
Stephanie and Crystal 

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