Sunday, June 17, 2012

Framed Hand Print

Happy Father's Day!

Have you ever been working on something for a gift for someone and at the very end it did not turn out the way you had wanted and you are literally down to the day of. Well that happened to me last night. My little guy and I had been working on a project for my Husband for Father's Day and it just didn't turn out. Jesse was so bummed. He really wanted to give his dad multiple gifts this year since he had done most of the work.

Quick on my feet I looked around at what my husband calls "my personal craft store" to see what else we could quickly whip up. I had spied a box of picture frames that I have set aside for gifts and projects. All the sudden a little light bulb went off in my head.

Since we already had the paint out from painting our clay imprints I had my Brother (who was visiting) take Jesse's hand and paint it black while I took the opportunity for a photo op.  We had picked out a frame and I took his hand and pressed his hand print on the back of the cleaned glass. (The reason you put it on the back of the glass is so that it doesn't get scratched or rubbed off. Also it will have a nice glassy finish without having to add your own enamel or gloss.) After we pressed his hand on the glass we quickly went and washed the paint off his hand and let the glass dry. The rest of the project was on me.

I paged through my book of quotes that I have been collecting, picked out the perfect one and hopped onto the computer. I set up the text the way I wanted it printing it in a light color that was easy to color over. After I printed it out I took my metallic markers and traced over all lettering. I chose certain words to decorate a little differently with different font type and color. I printed it on 8x11 glossy photo paper trimmed it to size and placed it behind the hand print and securing it in with the frame backing.

If you are one of those people that have awesome penmanship you could probably skip the whole process of laying out your text on the computer and printing it out. The whole process for me took 25-30 min. Now that it's finished I think this is a better gift than the original.

We always love to hear from our readers. Have you ever had a last minute gift to make.

Happy Crafting!

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