Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Drawing with Light!

I love crocheting and I love photography!! I love to mix the two of them, mostly to crochet photography props but this weekend I got to mix the two completely differently!!

A Bit of History
My family and I love to go to the family cabin several times a year. Its a great way for us to get away and enjoy something that we don't do on a daily basis. We spend most of our time outside around a fire, day and night. Night time, s'mores are a great treat that all of us look forward too! While having s'mores one night, I decided to get a picture of my son who was covered in chocolate by the end of our little treat!!

With the camera already out and my crochet hooks and yarn readily available, I decided to try something that I read about but always wanted to try!

Drawing with Light
If you own a SLR camera (not a point and shoot,) you have the option of changing the shutter speed. I changes mine to take a picture for 14 seconds and brought out my light up crochet hooks. With my remote for my camera in hand, I stood in front with my lit up hooks. 

The second I clicked the remote button for the camera to take the picture, I started swirling the hooks.....
This isn't my first picture, the first one I didn't have center enough.

My husband got involved after seeing my first picture and my son was very eager to do it as well!!
This is my son on the left, me on the right.

This is a great technique to do with sparklers, and what I wanted to do originally but with none around, my hooks were the next best thing!!

***Readers Challenge***

If you have a SLR or know someone who does, this is a fun and creative thing to do!! There are endless possibilities as to what can be done! We'd love to see your results!! Upload your photo from now until midnight on 6/24/12 in to the Linky Gallery below. We will pick our favorites and feature them on next Wednesday's post.

Until next craft...

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