Friday, June 15, 2012

Dad's Treasure

Hi Everyone! Like many households, we're preparing for Father's Day! It's great day to celebrate all the little things, and big things, that my children's father does for them and me!

My son loves to paint! From sun catchers, to figurines, plain paper and even a treasure chest, he can sit for hours and continuously paint! Good thing for me because I'm running out of ideas of what my husband would want for any holiday! A treasure chest from my son is perfect though, and let me tell you why. When Ethan got old enough to learn about hiding and finding people or things, my husband started playing the treasure game with him. And I'm sure he will carry on the tradition of playing with our youngest son when he's old enough.

Just before Ethan's bed time every so often, my husband finds Ethan's little treasure chest and fills it with mini M&Ms and finds a hiding spot. After he found a good spot, my husband asks if Ethan want to go on a treasure hunt! He is always excited about this! With all the lights turned out and flashlight in hand, they go searching. They run into scary bears (stuffed animals) and wolves (stuffed dogs) and every now and then a scary mommy gets in the way!! In the end, the treasure is always found with a happy little boy emptying the treasure into his mouth!

With this, we decided to give daddy his own hand-painted treasure box! We also added a few special things...

Ethan painted wooden circles yellow for gold, a key to keep the 'key to mommy's heart' safe, a mirror that says "Best Dad in the World," a small bottle with 'love' confetti, a painting made by Ethan and a few other fun things!! This treasure chest can be personalized for the 'dad' in your life, and so much fun for the kids to do! For the older kids, a wood burning kit would be a great opportunity to learn something new as well as be creative!

Until next craft...

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