Wednesday, June 13, 2012

National Sewing Machine Day!

 I would like to give tribute to what I personally think is the best invention in history. The Sewing Machine has been a staple in the world for over 150 years. First introduced around the Industrial Revolution Era to help decrease the amount of manual sewing being done in clothing companies. However the first electric sewing machine was first introduced by Singer Sewing Co. in 1889. Sewing machines became very popular in households over the years as mother's made their own clothes and blankets for their families. The more creative their minds got the more uses they found for this handy machine. Now days you can find that people use the sewing machine to make and design toys, house hold decor, and even homemade cards.

This past Christmas my husband bought me my first sewing machine. I have to say that I was so surprised with how much I fell in love with sewing. He had learned to sew at a much younger age. So seeing how he was at least experienced he sat down and taught me the basics, I read the manual and took it from there. Lately I have been working on smaller projects like crochet hook holders for my friends and very slowly working on a quilt but I am on hold, I am missing something for an accent and so there it sits till I get some inspiration. So like most of you sewing machine fans out there, I just couldn't let it sit there. One of my favorite types of quilts are storybook quilts. So I have started making a National Monument Storybook type quilt for my son and I am so excited about it.

 Tomorrow is National History Day and I will be featuring on my other blog (Smalltown Dreamz) part of the process that I have done for this quilt. It's a great beginners type quilt for anyone interested in starting to sew.

Happy Sewing!

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