Sunday, January 20, 2013

Kiki Love's Loveys for Little Ones

There's something wonderful about children... well many things really! But I absolutely love how happy they can get by the smallest things! I think us adults forget to take a step back and appreciate the small things in life. Life is so fast paced and so much is expected of us, its very hard to even think of small joys.

Take a moment here.... whats the first thing you think about if I were to ask you about your day....
I'll wait.....

Ok, now tell me, was that memory good or bad? I tend to think about the bad... rough day at work, car wouldn't start, dinner burned... Then I ask my oldest child what his memory of the day is, and its always exciting! He built something amazing with his legos, he read a good book, he got to eat a huge chocolate chip cookie....

You get the idea!

As adults, it's hard to change our thinking, our habits. We've had years of being like this. Our children, and I say that meaning any child in your life whether your a parent, relative or friend of the family, our children deserve so much happiness!! And that's where Kiki Love Creations comes in!

Does your child ever get a letter in the mail? It makes their day!! And we'd like to send out some care packages! Below you will find a picture of 2 loveys! We want both to go to deserving children!

Dino and Teddy Bear Lovey
Patterns by One and Two Company

And we'd like YOU to nominate those children!

To nominate a child, please email us at 
Please put the name of the lovey as the subject of the email 
Nominations will no longer be accepted after February 3, 2013

Please include first name and age of child, along with a brief explanation of why the child should get the Lovey.

(DO NOT include any mailing information. That information will be asked for when the child is picked!)

  1. ANY child under 13 years of age can be nominated within the continental US. Nominations may be made outside of the continental US but original emailer must pay entire shipping.
  2. If multiple loveys are being given away on a single post, you can only submit the same child for one lovey. You may submit up to two different children.
  3. We will hand choose the recipient(s) will be chosen within one week after ending. We will then contact the original emailer asking for further information on where the Loveys should be sent. Loveys will be addressed to the child.
  4. The original emailer will have 72 hours to reply to us with the appropriate information or another child will be selected. Same rules will apply.
  5. An unborn child may be nominated if the mother is 20 weeks for further along.
  6. All loveys are not for resale.
Loveys are made in a smoke-free, cat-free home. By submitting to us, you are also giving us permission to use what you write about as to why the child should be chosen for later posts. No identifying information will be given out.

And if you don't get an email from us, don't worry! There will be plenty more 'Loveys for Little Ones' in Kiki Love's future!

Happily giving...

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