Thursday, January 31, 2013

Re-Writable Love Note

Craft Vinyl Sheets for Cricut Silhouette Cutters

I am so excited to share a project that I did for our sponsor My Vinyl Direct. I am just madly in love with the quality of there vinyl and I have been using it when ever I get a chance.

There is so much that you can do with vinyl. I probably find a new use for it at least once every couple days.  Once again we got to test an awesome product from My Vinyl Direct. I am such a fan of their products. Recently we tested out their Whiteboard Vinyl and I can’t wait to share with you what we did with it.

This past summer I found a box full of old photo frames for free on the side of the road.  (Very few that were reusable as photo frames) However I knew that they could be used for other projects so I picked it up anyway. The other day I was going through that old box and came across this old porcelain frame that was faded and the original white paint was scratching away. The glass was all fogged up and yellow. Not really something that can be used on the photo wall.

So I took a light grit sanding paper and sanded down the frame to get any extra paint chips off and dirt that was coated on the frame over the years.  I took some of my silver metallic lacquer spray paint and sprayed the frame.

While the frame was drying I cut my White Marker Board Vinyl to cover the old glass. The glass measured to 5.25 in wide by 7 in high. I laid the specialty vinyl over the glass and worked out any tiny bubbles that I may have occurred.

After my whiteboard vinyl was adhered to the glass I took the measurements of the glass and the frame itself to see how much of the frame overlapped the glass.  These measurements were taken to be able to add my pink vinyl frame that I cut out using my Cameo.  I also cut out the words “Love Note” out of the frame for an extra added touch.

Then I laid my pink vinyl over the whiteboard I slid the glass back into the frame and wrote my message. 

Once again we used the My vinyl Direct Chalk Marker. I am a sucker for pink as you can see. I just love the way this marker writes. Better yet I love how it wipes clean without staining your vinyl.  Now you have the perfect re-writable love note great for any counter in the house.

Some other Awesome things that happened lately. We were featured this week on My Vinyl Direct for our 14 Day of Love Project.

Be My Valentine! Vinyl Sheet PackHowever if you are interested in picking up some of this great vinyl you have to check out the sale going right now on their Be My Valentine! Vinyl Sheet Pack for $7.00

Happy Crafting

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