Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Spotlight Feature Week 2

I love to craft and am blessed to have as much as I do. Unfortunately, all my things are scattered throughout the house. In my bedroom, I have all my yarn and spinning supplies. In the basement, I have all my scrapbooking things. Then in various drawers and cabinets, I have little odds and ends. Totes are stacked in my livingroom for my WIPs. I bounce around my house looking for things I want to use. For now, its what I have to do. With two adults, two children and two labs in a two bedroom place, I don't get the luxury of a single space. My best friend & co-writer, on the other hand, has an awesome setup for her craft supplies! One day, I will have a similar setup, she might even have to help me get organized!

"I am one lucky girl, I think I have everything a crafter could ever want in one area and yet I always seem to be expanding. This year my hubby expanded my area as a Christmas gift and my Christmas gift to myself was to get reorganized. The hubby knew how much crafting meant to me and over the past year he has built me a chair that helps support my back and it spins 360 degrees so I can reach just about everything from the comfort of my chair. 

Also this year I acquired my grandmothers sewing machine which is built in to the table and then I have my sewing machine on top of the table. I have always wanted an antique sewing machine but getting something that was passed down always means so much more. Better yet it still RUNS!!!!!

He also expanded my large working table so that there is room for the whole family to sit during family time. I think that was my favorite part. I can now sit and do my crafts while looking up to see my son coloring or drawing and my husband working on what ever little project is up his sleeve that day. 

I love having a massive wall to hang all my WIP and to be able to organize a lot of my odds and ends. 

 This past year I have been collecting fabric for my stashes  most of the fabric on the shelf is cut already and was donated between family and friends. They have truly been my biggest supporters. Also on the shelf is my stash of vinyl. 

I think one of my favorite Christmas gift this year was this awesome wall organizer that I got from my Mother-in-law it was perfect for all my buttons, sewing odds and ends, ETC. 

Next to my new organizer is a shelf that my hubby built me that stores all my paints and other scraping materials that I store in jars and such. 

Last but not least is my main desk that I do a lot of my crafting at. It has 3 additional large shelves above the main table shown. These shelves store my large fabric, glues, tools, and the table that you see in the picture that is most of my scrapbooking inks, markers, glitter, ETC. 

The only thing not shown is my yarn stash we are currently finding a new home for that but to give you an idea my area filled up my fabric shelf plus one regular size storage bin. 

Well that's my space in a nut shell. Thank you for stopping by. I know that I am lucky to have all that I do. Its been years of collecting during Christmas and birthdays and lucky enough to get donations from family and friends for the stuff they no longer use.

I love her space and her organizing! In what ways do you stay organized?

Happy crafting!

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