Saturday, February 23, 2013

Changes to Saturday Spotlight Feature

Something that has always been important to us since we started KiKi Love Creations (Other than crafting) was the power of networking and having a close knit blogging community. At the beginning of the year when we started Saturday Spotlight Feature we had the idea of you being able to share your crafting adventures and tutorials with new readers. 

Over the past 2 months we have gone on the adventure of looking to fill up these spots by finding some great crafting ideas to share with you. As much as we would like to continue like this, our boys are getting bigger and more active and we are finding less and less time for all the research time that goes into looking for these spots each week.  We would still like to feature other writers and creators, but we are going to reduce this spot down to once a month. 

For now on we will find one of you and an awesome crafting project to share with you each month. We will post this the first Saturday of each month.


We will not completely take out Saturday Spotlight Features if you would like to see your work featured then we will still post your work on the other available 

Saturday Spotlight Feature Post may consist of a tutorial or a newly finished crafty item  

If you have one of these coming up or recently posted one of the above and would like to be featured here on 
Saturday Spotlight Feature than please send me: a small description about yourself and a description of what you would like featured.  Please also include a link to your blog post and any other links you would like added like Facebook Fan Pages or Shop Pages. Email them to   subject: Saturday Spotlight Feature

We truly wish we could continue on the way we have been but we made a promise to our families that our blogs would not cut into our family life and with our little one getting bigger and more active we now have sports and other activities that will take up more of our time and we still want time to be able to share our own projects and adventures. 

We hope that you will understand

Happy Crafting,


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