Thursday, February 7, 2013

Decoupage Your Journal

From Bland to Glam!!!!

This week I am going to show you a quick fun way to glam up your notebooks or journals. As a designer I have tons of notebooks with scribbles of ideas that I want to do, but it wasn't till recently that I started putting them together in separate organized designer journals. I am big on graphing and sketching out my patterns, designs, and craft projects. I would say its part of my organization process. Up until now for any graphing I have always had to pull out my handy dandy ruler, pen and had to draw my graphs out.

So last week I went out and found these 100 page graph notebooks. (I have to be honest I got a bit excited, it's small things like this that make my world go round). I just felt that it would save so much time and it would look so much neater. So I bought one for my sewing projects, crochet patterns, and a 3rd for my misc crafting. I was so excited I got home and started transferring my patterns from my mess of paperwork. I took the time to redraw and graph everything, and after I finished getting my pattern book up to date I closed it up and here I stare at the blank canvas. I knew I had to do something about that and fast.

I pulled out my scraping supplies and started laying down a base for underneath. I had a bunch of single strips of adhesive cardstock that I laid down.I like to think that I am a colorful person so I knew I wanted something that was unique and different in each spot you looked at. Next I took some adhesive cardstock labels and scattered them through out the cover along with some inspirational words of wisdom and some misc stickers.

After I was satisfied with the way it looked I took my roller and made sure everything was securely pressed to the cover. Then I took my Modge Podge and brushed on a nice thick layer, making sure to get every section. Modge Podge is a Plaid Company Product, in which I am a huge fan of and own MANY of their products. I have used Modge Podge for many projects but this is my first real big paper project using it.

Anyway through out the drying process I noticed that some pieces would bubble up or peel up and I just took a toothpick and pressed it down so that it was laying flat again. I set it aside to dry for 24 hours and now I have my personalized pattern journal. I can't wait to do this to the rest of my notebooks. Each one will look unique.

We LOVE to hear from our readers.What types of decoupaging do you do?

              Happy Crafting, 

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