Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lovey's for Little Ones Winners

As my co-auther and I found out, it was harder than we expected to pick a winners for each lovey. But we found some pretty great children for them to go to! I really wish we could make enough for all of the wonderful children that were nominated! And for those of you who did nominate a child, thank you. Thank you for caring so much for those children to take time out to do so.

Every child deserves a little extra love from time to time and I really hope we have inspired our readers to do the same.... whether it be to give an extra hug to the child in there life or something much bigger!

And if you didn't get choosen for this round of 'Loveys for Little Ones,' don't be upset!! We plan on doing this a few times a year!!

So let's take a vote! What type of lovey should we give out next??
  1. A puppy
  2. An owl
  3. A hippo

Leave us a comment, most votes will make it happen!

Happily giving....

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