Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Love Collage

Craft Vinyl Sheets for Cricut Silhouette Cutters

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We recently have been testing out the My Vinyl Direct Matte Finish Vinyl. I honestly just can’t get enough of it. With their amazing color selection there is ultimately nothing you can’t do. I think my husband is starting to get nervous with how long my vinyl craft to do list has been getting. (Oops ha ha ha) Well this week I took all my lovely valentine’s day colors laid them out in front of me and thought to myself…”What do I see when I look at all these wonderful colors?”

 Those Reds, Pinks, and Purples!!! It just screamed “LOVE” to me!!!! I Love the colors, I Love to craft, and I LOVE to work with vinyl!!!! So then it dawned on me. I wanted to make a collage of words defining the word LOVE.

 I had gone through my box picture frames and found one with great personality it just needed a little TLC. After I pulled the glass out, I gave the frame a fresh coat of paint with some dark cherry pearlescent enamel paint that I had lying around. While the frame was set aside drying I jumped on my design program and laid out my words using different font styles and sizes making sure it will fit the frame size. The frame was a standard 8 x 10 with viewable glass of 7.5 in x 9.5 in. After it was all laid out I was able to cut it out on my Cameo. By using the guides on my vinyl transfer paper I felt comfortable enough to cut my letters out to save on materials. It’s is a little easier to lay out this way when you are confined into one space and you can look over at your pc to confirm where you are putting it.

 Making sure that my glass was clean I started laying out my vinyl starting with the outer edge and working my way around into the center. I would look back at the measurements on the pc screen and measure again with a ruler on the glass to assure that I was leaving enough space for the other words. I would say the whole process (besides letting the frame dry over night) took 2 hours. Not bad for a lovely piece of art great for the Valentine season.

 We look forward to sharing more of our vinyl creations.

Happy Crafting,

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