Sunday, February 24, 2013

Upcoming March Special Calender Events

I would like to get back to the heart of why we started this blog. We started KiKi Love Creations to share with you all the awesome crafting ideas that you can do through out the year. The projects are ideas for holiday decorations, crafting tutorials, projects that you can do with your kids and SO MUCH MORE!!!!! 

There are Many special events and crafty observances that can be done through out each month. These are small fun little projects that can help teach your children as well. I know as a mom that is looking to start homeschooling my son I look forward to many of these. Here is a list of fun things throughout the month of March

Month Long Observances

  • American Red Cross Month
  • Irish-American Heritage Month
  • Music in our Schools Month
  • National Craft Month
  • National Noodle Month
  • Woman's History Month
  • Youth Art Month
Week Long Observances
  • 1st Week - Newspapers in Our School Week
  • 2nd Week - Bubble Gum Week
  • 2nd Week - Crochet Week
March 1st
  • National Pig Day
  • Peanut Butter Lover's Day
  • Share a Smile Day

March 2nd
  • Dr. Seuss's Birthday 
  • Read Across America Day
March 3rd
  • National Anthem Day The Star Spangled Banner was adopted by Congress as the national anthem in 1931.

March 5th
  • Parachute was invented (By Da Vinci)
March 6th
  • Dentist Day
  • Oreo Cookies for Sale (On Sale for the first time in 1912.)
March 7th
  • Telephone Patent Granted (In 1876 to Alexander Graham Bell.)
March 8th
  • Working Women's Day

March 9th
  • Barbie's Birthday (Barbie Doll was introduced on this day in 1959.)

March 10th
  • Daylight Saving Time Begins (Clocks move forward one hour on the second Sunday in March).
  • First Paper Money Issued  (Issued this day in 1862.)
  • Genealogy Day

March 12th
  • Girl Scout Day  (Girl Scouts founded in 1912.)

March 14th
  • Albert Einstein's Birthday (Born in 1879.)
  • Potato Chip Day

March 16th

  • National Quilting Day   Celebrated the Third Saturday of March.

    March 17th
  • Rubber Band Invented (In 1845).
  • St. Patrick's Day
  • Submarine Day

March 19th
  • Swallow's Return Day ( The traditional return of swallows to San Juan Capistrano.)

    March 20th
  • Big Bird's Birthday (Sesame Street Character.)
  • First Day of Spring

March 25th
  • International Waffle Day
  • Pancakes First Made  (First made in New York City in 1882.)
  • Passover Begins at Sundown

    March 29th
  • Coca-Cola (was Invented In 1886.)
  • Pickle Day

March 31st
  • Easter
  • First Map of the US Published
  • Tater Day

We love to hear from our readers......What days will you be crafting for?

Happy Crafting

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